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Divine Economics

About Divine Economics?

The Divine Economics is a recently developed framework to study economics and religion in each otherís perspective using scientific process. It comprises of theoretical model, empirical work, a series of papers and some survey instruments. The Divine Economics is similar to conventional economics because it fulfills criteria of rational choice theory but departs from it by incorporating religion in the model. Hence it becomes similar to the economics of religion. However is different from Economics of Religion also because substantial work in the economics of religion is done under the Christian and Jewish religions ignoring Islam. Hence, this aspect makes it closer to Islamic economics but it differs from conventionally available Islamic economics too on the basis of sources of jurisprudence mostly used by contemporary Islamic Economics which is constructed over the economic ideas of Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Taimia, Ibne Khuldoon, Abu Yousaf, Imam Shatibi, Imam Ghazali, Shah Waliullah, etc ignoring almost all of the 12 Imams from the family of the Holy Prophet (Imams of AhleBayt). On the contrary, the Divine Economics is not a one-sided chain of arguments but takes a comparative view of both of the major schools of Islamic thoughts. It, in principle, does not ignore the point of view of even smaller sects in Islam or any other religion. Moreover, contrary to contemporary Islamic Economics which uses Islamic shariah terminologies, the Divine Economics attempts to use Islamic shariah concepts using a relatively broader or universal terminologies so that the language of faith-based economics becomes compatible with the neo-classical economics and can be understood by the Western audience too.

AJK university hosted a conference on Divine Economics, December 12-14, 2013, PC hotel Muzaffarabad read more

News updates

* Prof. Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed, Dean Faculty of Social Science, Qauid-e-Azam University chaired the opening session of Divine Economics Conference 2013.

Radek T. Bierneki from Spain participated in the conference and presented his paper.

AbdulKader Q. M. from South Africa participated in the conference and presented his paper.

Pictures of Divine Economics Conference 2013