DE Journal

Journal of Divine Economics is a multi-disciplinary journal being published to promote contextual thinking in economics and revisiting the economic models in the emerging contexts. The Journal is now accepting submissions for our forthcoming issues. We welcome both simple ideas as well as most rigorous, analytical papers. Being an interdisciplinary journal, we welcome interfaith economics. The Journal accepts papers not only about economic issues but also about non-economic issues having some economic relevance.

We also publish informative pieces based on personal experiences of life relating to the effects of faith, values, and spirituality on economic behaviors and vice versa for provoking further thoughts and debates.

You can submit even incomplete papers. Subject to availability at that time, our experts can act as co-authors or voluntary mentors. Once your paper goes through peer review process and you incorporate comments of reviewers, your paper will be published in the Journal as full paper.

The Journal allows academic liberty that maintains respect for others' thoughts, beliefs and views.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be of 200-250 words only. Furl papers of 3000 to 7000 words are prefered. References, endnotes and footnotes should be provided using APA format.

If you are interested to submit us abstract(s) or initial draft of your paper, send it to


Online submission is open.

Announcements about status of your paper shall be sent to you by email.

Peer-Review Process

  1. All are reviewed by our editorial team for checking appropriateness and alignment of the work with the vision and goals of the Journal.
  2. The full scientific papers are sent to experts for blind peer review.
  3. The incomplete submissions are sent to experts for determining their potential and allotment of a mentor is made on the basis of the experts' reports.
  4. If an article is not accepted, it is returned to authors who may re-submit after revisions where applicable.
  5. Editorial Board reserves the right to not publish any article without assigning any reason.
  6. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect our opinion.