Research Grants

From Us

We fund research projects if they fall in the domain of Divine Economics. You may write to our Fellowships section for currently available funding opportunity [if any]. You may also submit your very brief research proposal for our consideration in anticipation.

From Others

If you have an excellent idea for a research project, we can assist you in exploring national or international research grant for it from others through our Research Grants Guidance Program. Your idea should be linked with one of the following areas of Divine Economics and should clearly indicate how your idea is link with core economics.

  1. Religion, Faith
  2. Social Capital, Spiritual Capital, Religious Capital
  3. Ethics & Values
  4. Happiness & Wellbeing
  5. Empirical Islamic Economics
  6. Future Global Economy

We give free of cost mentorship and resources to people conducting research on the above mentioned areas. In case you are a PhD/Mphil scholar or seeking to get funding from any grant maker, we are the right organization to help you free of cost.

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One of our team member will contact you. You can have access to our data sets, questionnaires and published papers. In case you are making a innovative questionnaire or analysis, we will help you where needed.

Joint Research Proposal

We also welcome national and international collaboration for joint research proposals. There are many grant makers who prefer international collaborations, for instance:

Divine Economics Forum includes well motivated people with diverse background of multi-disciplinary economic research that may co-investigate research projects. Find profiles and areas of expertise of some actively involved scholars in Divine Economics Research Forum.

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Current Grants


Currently we are not offering any grants.

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Past Projects