Policy Statement

Tools and Scales:

Measurement of religiosity, spirituality, morality etc. are the fundamental requirements of the Divine Economics Framework. The tools and scales for measuring these sensitive and mostly unobservable variables are in their early stage of development. The finalization of such tools and scales need decades of collaborative effort by multi-disciplinary scholars. Therefore, till the finalization of scales and tools, the results concluded by different authors using Divine Economics Framework must be considered as insights, tentative findings and research guidelines rather than taking them as final results or strong conclusions.

Cultural Bias:

Divine Economics discusses the behavior of Divine Man which is natural and universal as it is. Fundamentally, all humans are born bearing the attributes of God. Then they transform into followers of different religions, sects, and ideologies. his economic behavior is effected by his beliefs which are acquired from his culture and religion. Since Divine Economics Framework is developed in Pakistani universities with collaboration of Multi-disciplinary scholars from Pakistan, therefore, a chance of unintended biased due to culture and religion in Pakistan may be felt by any reader. This chance of biassness will remain present in the research until more scholars from of diverse backgrounds [faith, country, ethnicity, culture, etc.] will join this effort. Till then, subjectivity may remain present. Divine Economics Forum welcome any critical feedback from anyone who want to contribute in its development as universally acceptable analytical framework.

The DEF encourages inter-faith and intra-faith studies. However, DEF may or may not accept the study outcomes as its official point of view. This website is open to encourage alternative thinking even in the form of unedited work of emerging/young scholars.Hence this may include technical or other errors. Readers are requested to ignore them.Web response team will be grateful to receive feedback for the improvement in the contents of website.