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By making a gift to the Divine Economics Forum today, you are not only making an investment in our researchers to develop better, more human friendly models that will improve the lives of pro-poor, but you are also helping us to do that sooner. Choose from any of the options below to make a donation. There are different ways in which you can support research on Divine Economics:

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Divine Economics Forum is striving to engage more people in faith based research. Our mission is to improve research for making this world a better place to live. For this purpose we need your financial support. You may send us monetary donations through our bank account or through the Paypal link.

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Donate books/journals to Divine Economics Library.


Help students particularly M.Phil/PhD scholars within country and abroad working in Divine Economics by providing scholarships, supervising, assisting them contributing time. [Contac Us]

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You can donate equipment, books, research software etc.

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A memorial gift in the form of a scholarship, a memorial building block or anything useful is a beautiful testament to the beloved family members or friend who have passed away or in the name of Prophets/Imams/Religious or Spiritual personalities etc. You may help us in making an impact on the lives of poor and victims of injustice. Our research is focused on human development, happiness, wellbeing through promotion of universal values, ethics and religiosity.

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You can assist in hosting a fundraising event to support the cause of Divine Economics Forum.


You may volunteer with us as technical resource person/researcher/advisor either by working at distance or through visiting our university when convenient or virtually through internet.

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You may sponsor the academic visits of national and foreign scholars working in multidisciplinary sciences for each others’ collaborative work.


You may buy Divine Economic Publications and gift to others. [Contact Us]

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