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A series of surveys has been conducted in Pakistan, USA and other places using Divine Economics survey instruments developed by Dr. Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani. A number of Data Sets were produced in recent past which enabled policy makers and researchers to understand the role of religion and faith in economics. Some of these data sets are available initially to Mphil/PhD scholars via request email on divineconmics@gmail.com.


Many new scales for measuring religiosity, spirituality, ethics and values are now available. These scales are easy to understand and use by economist and sociologists. These scales are developed using Divine Economics framework. The innovation and comprehensiveness of these scales are acknowledged by world renowned economists like Larry Iannaconne, Richard B. Freeman and Lord Layard.


This first international conference on Divine Economics was arranged on 12-14 Dec., 2013 at Pearl Continental (PC) hotel Muzaffarabad. This conference was very unique of its kind because it brought together economists from around the globe to a platform of Divine Economics.


In last few years, Divine Economics research initiatives have enabled university of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and particularly Kashmir Institute of Economics to obtain best links with leading universities of the world. We have developed links with London School of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Princeton University and Washington University.

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